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Intuitions - offers examination requirements, reference suggestions, tips, and strategies for attaining a university degree or employment with the Civil Service or Defence Department.
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS) - admission is restricted to serving personnel or ex-servicemen of the defence forces and their dependents.
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Indian Army

The Indian Army Page at Bharat Rakshak by Rakesh Koshy and Sachin P Kesavan.
The Indian Missile Page at Bharat Rakshak  by Rakesh Koshy
The Ordnance Factory Board Official Site
Victory at Kargil , The Indian Army's Official Site of the Kargil War at
Heroes of Kargil , a few of the heroes who died in the Kargil fighting.
The Karnataka Ex-Servicemen Web Site at  by the Karnataka Rajya Sainik Board.
The Garhwal Rifles Memorial Page by Rajiv Rawat
The XV Corps Psy Ops Cell's Army in Kashmir Website
The Grenadiers Regiment's Web  Site.
Website of the 9th Deccan Horse - By Ravi and Kai Rikhye

Indian Air Force

Rupak Chattopadhyay's and My site at Bharat Rakshak  Bharatiya Vayu Sena
Sam's Indian Air Force Down Under   by Flt. Lt. (Retd) Samar "Sam" Shah, VrC, VM - A Veteran of the 1971 War

The Indian Air Force Aircraft pictures page by Shiv Shanker - The Cyber Surgeon.
Pawan's Indian Air Force Site. An insight into serial numbers of the iaf .
Alok's IAF Aircraft Pictures Site , A site that has some splendid Action pictures .
K R Kiran's upcoming site on Aircraft and the Indian Air Force.
Jim Fail's Tribute to the Indian Air Force and its resurrected Liberators of South East Asia Command
Flt Lt Eddie Sparke's Mumblings - A Biography including his stint with No. 10 RIAF Squadron in World War 2


The Roll of Honour of the Indian Armed Forces at
The Official Indian Armed Forces Web Site. The OFFICIAL Site of the Army, Airforce and the Navy.
The Consortium of Indian Defence Web Sites at

The 1971 Liberation War  Site at  the Sapra India Site.
The Indian Military   Decorations and Medals by Edward Haynes.
The Indian Space at Bharat-Rakshak by Seetal Patel
The National Remote Sensing Agency  Site. Has some great pictures of the "Indian Spy Satelites"
The Kargil Memorial at
The Ministry of Defence Official Site.
Indian Armed Forces Site
Ravi Rikhye's  Site of Orders of Battle's Armed Forces Portal

Indian Navy

The Indian Navy Site by L N Subramanian and Mrityunjoy Majumdar at Bharat-Rakshak
The I N S Vikrant, site at the Indian Express Publications Site.

The Naval Aircraft Servicing and Development Organisation (NASDO)'s Official Site.
The Indian Navy's Official Recruitment Site
An Excellent site to dedicated to the INS Vikrant again. This Flash enabled site  is by Jay Neogi .

Aircraft Links

Neil Medcalf's Two Seat Spitfire Site has a section on the aircraft that served with the IAF
Christer Landbergs  The Hawker Tempest Page . The best resource on the Web for the Tempest. Units, Aces, Survivors, the whole Lot.

Damien Burke's Thunder and Lightning site and his Hunter Page with pictures of over Ninety survivors. and History of the Hunter in IAF.

Joe Baughers American Encyclopedia. An Excellent resource on the Liberator in IAF Service, the F-86 Sabre, The F-104 and the Martin B-57.

Courtney's Site on AirCombat with sections on India and Pakistan
Diego Zampini's Site on Air Combat covering all Major Conflicts after WW2

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