Indian ISPs

Dishnet DSL
24Online - Cable Internet access provider
AK System - ISP sales partner of Satyam Online
Avadh Online - ISP and web hosting services
BPLnet - Internet access provider
Balasai Net - Internet access, ISDN, web hosting services
Bharat Sanchar Nigam - Internet access network provider
Bitra Net - Internet access, web designing & hosting
Bnet Services - Provides dial up access service & information on ISPs &
      ISP policy in India

Caltiger - Dial up access, site & server hosting services
Cheecoo Networks - Free Internet access through various ISPs
Cheeko - Offers free Internet access service
Chennai Datacom - Internet access & telecom service providers
Comptel - Dealers for internet access services
Cyber Millenia - Internet access, chat, e-mail & games
Cyberwave - Cable Internet access service provider
Data Infosys - Dial up conncection, ISDN & leased line connection services
E-Com Communication Services - Dealers for internet access &
      E-fax services

ERNET - Offers dial up access, e-mail, usenet group services etc
ETH Internet - Internet access & web hosting services
EnfiNet - Dial up access, ISDN & web hosting
Global Online - Dial up access, web site design & hosting services
HCL Infinet - Consumer Internet Access, hosting and colocation services
Hathway - Cable Internet access services
ISP Exchange - Business strategy consultancy services to ISPs

ISTI Network - Web site design & dial up access services
InTechNet - Internet access, web hosting, design & mail server services
India Online Network - Broadband Internet services
Indian ISP - Provides ISP, & web hosting & designing services.
Internet Services Baroda - Dealer for internet access services

Jindal Online - Web design, hosting and Internet access
K T Group - Provides ISP services
KMR Online - Dial up access & networking solutions

Kamal HiTech - Internet access, IT consultancy and MCSE training
Kirti Telnet - Internet connectivity and mailing services
Kunal Internet - Dial up acess, web hosting, designing, domain
      registration etc

Lanco Net - Internet access and web hosting
Leap Telecom - Broadband connection services
Live Wire Net - Dial up access and web hosting services
MEC Netcomm - Dial up access & networking solutions
MTNL - Telecom and Internet services in Delhi and Mumbai
Manipal Control Data Electronic Commerce - Internet access
      and emessaging services

My Guru Online - Server based ISP
NOW India - Offers broadband services
National Infoway - Dealers for internet access services
Navkarmantra - Dealer for VSNL dial up access

Net Communications - Marketing agent for ISDN & dial up access
Net DDL - Internet connectivity services
Net4india - Dialup, ISDN, leased lines email, web hosting & design services
NetCore - Dial up access & networking solutions
NetKracker - Internet access provider
Nettlinx - Provides ISP & web hosting services
Nexus Infoway - Dealers for internet access & web site development
Nigam Technologies - Dealers for hardware & internet access services
Pacific Internet - Internet access to consumer and corporate sectors
Peak XV Netowrks - IP network services design and management
Pinkline - Wireless Internet access provider
Pioneer Online - Dial up access, ISDN and hosting services
Pronet Online - Internet access, web design and hosting services
Quasar Marketing - Dealers for internet access services, mobile phones
Radiant Systems - Dealers for internet access service
Respectable Overseas - Dealers for Internet access and paging
Sagar Connections - Dealer for internet access services
SahajOnline - Internet access and web site design
Samit Enterprises - Dealers for internet access, paging & office automation
Sampark Online - Internet access and dial up network services
Satyam Infoway - Internet access, portal and e-commerce services
SayanNet - Internet connectivity, web site design and 3Dimaging services
Shahnet Technologies - Internet Service Provider
Siara Systems - Dealers for computer hardware & internet access services
Skiline Services - Provides placement & carrer counselling & dealers of
       internet access services

Skycable Internet Service - Internet access provider
Southern Online - Dia up access, leased lines & web hosting services
Southren Online - Dial up and cable Internet access provider
SpaceNET - Intenet access, networking, corporate connectivity,
      access, & Intranet solutions

Span India - Dial up access, data entry and medical transcription
SpectraNet - Dial up access and DSL service provider
Startech Sales - Mail handling, secretarial assistance and Internet access
Suchibh Communications - Internet access provider
Tata Internet Services - Internet connectivity services
VSNL - Internet & telecom service provider
VSNL Bangalore - Home page of VSNL Bangalore division
Value Online - Web hosting & Internet access provider
Veda Online - Dial up access, DSL services
Vijay ISP - Marketing of Internet access & other web services - Internet access services in Delhi area
Web-Surf - Web hosting & dial up services
Weikfield - Dial up access & web designing services
Wilnet Communications - Dial up access and VPN services
XPS Online - Internet access provider
delDSL - DSL service provider
i91 Interconnect - Dial up access services
iPath India - Software development, Internet access, web hosting and design

News about ISPs

News about Indian ISPs
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