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- National Genealogical Society(Arlington, Virginia)
- Cyndi's List -- The BOOK!(
2nd Edition
2 Volumes
- Netting Your Ancestors
- Genealogy Bookstore(
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- Heritage Quest Magazine(
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- Eastern Europe
- Writing Your Family's History

Constitutions and Constitutional Courts
- International Constitutional Law at the Uni Würzberg (formerly at the Legal Institute, Cornell Law School, and at Uni Hamburg before that)
- Constitutional Court Network (CoCoNet)
- International Association for Constitutional Law
- World Constitutionsfrom The Internet Wiretap
- Centrum voor Constitutioneel Recht/Center of Constitutional Law (CCR/CCL) at the Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Treaties and other International Agreements
- World Trade Organization
- National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade
- Private International Law Database from the Office of the Legal Adviser (L/PIL), U.S. Department of State

The European Union

- European Union Basics (FAQ) by Roland Siebelink
- Maastricht Treaty on European Union (in English)
- European Union Environmental Documents
- Council of Europe

Human Rights and Minorities